martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Youre in for a stylish night at Hyde ????!!!!!



Once  upon a time there were two big towers  in the middle of  the Woods over  the hills
( torres arcos bosques de las lomas mexico city )

where a  very chic  night club  was

after  arriving  in your best outfit  youll find out that  a  crowd  of pretty people is already waiting to  enter the place   ....... girls with  sky high  heels  in multiple colors  . micro mini  dresses and long curvy hair ... chain  bags  and  shiny  accesories  ... turquiose and  dark gray eye shadows ... red  or pale pink lips ..... boys with long and blonde shaggy hair   shirts with elegant patterns  dark handsome  guys with  perfect  jaws ...  DESIGNER  EVERYWHERE  .... gotta impress the chain man  in order to be allowed to enter .....   after two chains  and   metal detectors you enter a lobby that looks more like a  room covered with red velvet  curtains  and  two elevators ... you click the button to go up
a  VALET will open and close the doors for you... first of all  this is
  not like a regular elevator .. I preffer to call it a lounge cabin !! LOL  its all covered with shiny white floors and walls cool music plays loud and really puts you in the mood  while   other pretty people  check your outfit  keep  your head held

the moment the doors  open  you feel like its gonna be  a great night ...

huge screens with cool music vids ... chandeliers  are iluminated of diferent colors   the dance floor  creates funny  colorful patterns   just as the walls ... watch out  not  to spill drink over  the new BALENCIAGA bag   the girl next to you   is carrying on ....

Some friends and I

outfit :

jacket : Burberry
shirt : D&G
Jeans : Diesel

champagne : MOET



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