domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010


Well yesterday I took a  little tour in Polanco ..
(you always  find something new or undiscovered in this city)
 and I saw this store  that caught my eye with a  gorgeous  electric blue  dress that  had  the most  incredible  drop way   (i have to  accept it) it looked a little as one  Valentino dress   from the spring summer collection  ... the collecton  with the neon dresses (you know )..... and the other one  remind me of some dress ...Blair Waldorf  in the gossip girl series would wear .. golden  baroque style and i was surprised to see the  name of the label     



I deff heard of this label before .. because of the IDM  (international designers mexico )
but i never put a lot of attention on it ...

when I looked around the autumn winter collection I was amazed I fell in love with almost everything
then the lady of the store entered the room and took a beautifly  garement bag  that nicely said lola de ale....
and  gave it to another  very stylish lady ... that carried a louis vuitton  and  wore oversized sunglasses  ... and had very blonde hair ... I couldnt  help it to say  this is soooo chic  by accident

and well ....

kinda hot isnt he  ?

Alejandro Carlin the creative mind behind  LOLA DE ALEJANDRO   studied in the famous Istituto Marangoni ...... campus  Milan (that I had visited  and loved it)


Luis Fer


lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

INSPIRATION something really hard to find !!!!!!!!

as an Aspiring  designer

inspiration is everthing !!!!

from the minute you start sketches 

and brain storming ideas  colors ,,  tendencies , fabrics , seasons  ,, it girls ,

i consider myself as a dreamer  always  searching and always fantasising   ,wondering arround , 
 until now     ... ive made  it  .  and  with little things
like  having   glamorous  friends  or shopping  every now or then   inspiration comes




current oral fixation ..



little did I know  that at my arrival at  Paris    I would  try something soooo sweet  soooo pleasantly  tasteful .... soooo delicious  sooo Yummm .....  Id read  about the  french macarons   in                       Vogue articles (the it mag )  but Id never had much intrest  in them   besides  theyre  not  very famous  here in mexico  ( wich makes them  more desirable )  .... its sooo funny  when you  talk to someone  and they  actually think   the macarons are the Italian Macaroni  you know Mac N cheese  and stuff ......
everytime I eat this  glamorous (and a little feminine  but who cares)  treat .

inspiring ad miss dior cherie end--------




miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010



Since  I was  first aware of my  passion for fashion .... hotels had been  closed related  to  fashion .... my first thought Paris  Hilton  heiress  of the  Hilton hotel legacy  ..... well  I  recently   heard of the  .... Photoshoot  that  " CENTRO school "  ( fashion  , Photografy , and  Film school )   students .. recently did   at the  DISTRITO CAPITAL  HOTEL  ... well this amazing  building  is decorated with  a vintage  air that will make you feel  in a  60´s retro modern  movie .....  the students did a  chic job  .. taking pictures of improvised models  (centro students)

sooo chic !!!!

If youre planning  to  visit Mexico City some day I would  deff recomend you to Check in at this  hotel ... Now if youre  looking  for the typical   Mexican colonial charm  ... this is not the right choice for you !!! because it is located in the  modern santa fe district  30 min far from mexico city downtown ... but if you do Youll love it ...


The "iT " girl

Aislinn Derbez

Model  ... Socialite and  Actress ......Aislinn Derbez  daughter  of the famous mexican  Actor and Comedian Eugenio  Derbez .....  and active model  in   CONTEMPO  model  management  ...  she recently  starres   the  released movie  " Te Presento  a  Laura ¨"  she  played  as a crazy  wannabe actress  that  seduces  Kuno  Becker   .... by the way  Aislinn loves  to wear  ALEXIA ULIBARRI  designs  everytime shes at a social event  party or  charity event   you can see her  almost modeling  each  esquisite  piece   she is clearly  an uprising star ......


lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

NEW Stores in Mexico city


Salvatore Ferragamo .....  recently opened  a New strore At Masaryk street the   upscale Polanco district   ....  250 sq m. of  Italian elegance Designed by the  famous Mexican Arquitect  Legorreta ... the store is the first  of its type  in all Latin America .


some Days ago  I visited Saks Fifth Ave . Santa fe   to  spy  on  the  almost opened  chanel  store  with the  store inside a store concept ....Arquitect  Peter Marino  chanel´s favorite for designing  stores
such as the recently opened  in New  York´s  SOHO ....... the store  in santa fe  district planned to be opened  tomorrow   will be the second  one   in Mex city  making the  one at  Masaryk  st. (opened many years ago)  the first one ...   


 years ago  a diesel store was opened  in  Masaryk  ave ...... a small but  very complete store.
well   the  corporation   recently  decided  to  relocate  the store  ... the plan is to make it bigger with  cooler interior designing  ... just like the one opened  this year in brazil ....  the store will also be In Masaryk Ave.
some friends  already visited the place   covered with proaganda  of their latest collection.