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 graduated  from  " The House of France "  ( one of the best fashion design schools here in mex city )  in 2007  . and  making a Master on  accesories  in IED Barcelona  Kris goyri started his career   ... and gained fame...  after winning  ELLE´s  magazine   Mexicos fashion design award  in 2008 ...
  he had  dressed  celebrities  such  as Top model  Miranda Kerr . singer Julieta Venegas , Sasha sokol , Kika Edgar , Eli Guerra .. within others

here are pictures of his " spring summer/2011  Resort Collection


my favorite " look "  of the collection

 which I tot Fell in love with


graduated from  LONDON SCHOOL  OF FASHION DESIGN (in london) Alexia´s  designs   are  famous for a Girly  vs  British Kitsch  Vibe  that  placed her in the eye of the media  and Celebrities ...

here are some images of his   Autumn Winter/ 2010  collection

 the Yellow  dress you can appreciate  was  Cutted  with perfection  by a Laser method ..

Luis Fer

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

Im Going to------> SAKS FIFTH AVE.

Night  filled with  glamour.....  socialites  mingle with fashionistas . all present  for the very waited  day !!! ... The opening  of  the  SAKS FIFTH AVE. in Plaza Carso at  the Polanco district .. with  champagne toasts  and  caviar ....  Guests were able to  admire ...........international designers

from .....luxurious  Oscar de la Renta ball gowns  to  beautiful Balenciaga leather hand bags .... piano  played softly  that followed the stroll of the  people ..... I could never miss This  ... and  of course  thats why  I attended  the cocktail  with my  friends


martes, 12 de octubre de 2010


 Ok  I seriously consider myself as a  MEXICAN TABOO victim   ...,,, everytime  I travel  ... everytime   international friends ask me questions .....everytime I talk to people  fIts almost  sad  to know   that bad  fame  is created  around  mexican people ...... first  all of the sombrero guys  taking  naps in the middle of the desert ... donkeys  and  never ending  feasts of tacos and TEQUILA ....  LOL   im seriously laughing  about this  ...............

almost every single  international friend   Id  known (except  my spanish friends ) think of this as the reality   and  I  find  it  really hard  to explain  to people  the situtation of my country .....  so  Im no one  to criticise......  but

ome of the questions theyd asked me

1.- do you guys have cell phones in mexico ???
yes..... beautiful  gadgets...  blackberrys are popular 


2.-  SO  how did you came here (USA, EUROPE , ASIA) ??
I  booked a flight  =) ....... OMG  you guys have  airplanes???...  hmmm yes  ....
where I come from ( Mexico City )  theres  2  international  airports  BENITO JUAREZ  and  TOLUCA

3.- OMG  you dont look MEXICAN ??!! ... and  you  dont smell bad !!!!
... I dont  wanna talk about races  ... but  here are percentages  like  65 % of population are  MESTIZO  ..(european  and  Indigenous ancestors ) ....20%  criollos ( european ancestry)  ......10%  pure indigenous( indigenous ancestry) and 5 % other ( Asian .. African  etc..).. soooo In mexico Nobody cares whats  ¨your race¨ (theres only one race  in this world and thats the HUMAN race)  ...... and  baby I always smell good !!!

4.- SOOOO  is Mexico City  in New Mexico ( USA state) ??
No.... Mexico city is in  Mexico  as in  THE Country .

5.-  I guess  everybody  in MEXICO   wear those  big  hats and  Ponchos !!??... and of course ride donkeys
im from  Mexico city and  Id  never seen someone  wearing  those  ... only in  The Independence day celebration ... Id never seen  a donkey  here  outside of the ZOO  ... the wildest thing youll find here are  agressive  overweighted  PIGEONS ....

6.- OMG  mexico must be  really hot  all year long  !!!??
I live  in Mexico city  ... a valley  3000 m. over the sea level  in the middle of the country  were climate is basiclly the same all year long  neither hot or cold ...

7.-  Whats up with the swine flu ?
 that was  almost 2 years ago .... It was clarify that it was  originated  in Farms of the USA  and blamed mexico for it ....massive  vaccine shots were given to almost everybody ... they discovered that this new disease acts just like a common flu ...as any  disease  if you dont treat them properly you die ..... theres  a cure .. and   they already  cured the patients infected and controled it ...   world  health  organization  retired the emergency  about a year ago ... 

8.- Do you have cars in Mexico City ??(trust me theyve really asked me this)
HHM ....YESSS!!!!

 what do you think of this ???  .. I really dont have anything else to add 

ps. One of the biggest problems of this city is that it doesnt produce it only  consumes !!!! thats why not many people know about it .


lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

200 years OF style !!!! el Palacio de Hierro ( The Iron Palace)


once upon a time ...... there was a man named  V. Gassier  who had a little store called ¨The France Factories ¨  In the constantly growing mexico city  that selled  ribbons,  laces and other imported  goods  from PARIS ......  that eventually  made partners of business  with other 3 brilliant men Jose Tron ,Jose Leautaud and Alexander Reynaud ... To  DREAM about what other men  had dreamed In PARIS . LONDON ,NEW YORK and CHICAGO a new concept called  department store ... thats  when  in the mid  1880´s  they decide to build a huge building   in todays very downtown  Mexico City  ... it  was so big for the time  that burgesy  people  that passed by  watched curiosly  and  ask themselves .........................whats that  IRON PALACE  theyre building ?  and thats when  in 1891they opened the  very waited  IRON PALACE ...  A 6  store building  that selled from luxury  goods to furniture  ....that sadly  burned  down in  1914 BUT ohhhh noooo   the  story s not  over  yet .... with  big efforts  . partners in business hired a french architect  PAUL DUBOIS   that builded the new  architectonic jewel with ART DECO  and ART NOUVEAU details  and the  esquisite  Stained glass  ceiling  of the store.....

1900´s  propaganda

el palacio de hierro first store downtown Mexico City

David Gandy for  El Palacio de HIerro

  Carmen Dell' Orefice for El Palacio de Hierro
heres a beautiful and inspiring ad

Jon  Kortajarena
 2010 s/s campaign  for  ¨El Palacio De Hierro¨
El Palacio de Hierro (the iron palace)     store  in Monterrey

SOOOOOO yesterday I visited the first  store   to take a look  at the temporary exposition
¨200 years of fashion ¨ by  EL PALACIO DE HIERRO 

and I loved it....

xoxo FER