lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013

 Goyard french house

some days ago I received a present .... it was this little card holder that was beautifully packaged in this brown box that had a silver logo that said  GOYARD . I mean I  know goyard  enough  to know that it is the latest trend in hand bags here in mexico city I remember the first time I saw a goyard handbag, I thought that geometrical pattern was very elegant  it was the handbag of one of my classmates  I was so curious to know what label was that  .... so I cynically asked her (and i mean cynically because i find it rude to ask people the label of what theyre wearing ) but I had to know!!! beacause Id seen them  a lot ...... she told me its Goyard ... and I said WHAT ?? because i didnt understood her ...and she repeated ITS GOYARD !!. omg I really like it I said and she just smiled and saw me like if i were a  naive aspiring fashion designer that doesnt know the least of  fashion  ...(or at least thats how  I felt) ... maybe thats why when my mother told me that I recieved a present I jumped excitedly and told her WOW its goyard!!!!! did you know you dont find goyard items  in mexico ??? and she just told me I didnt, with a careless voice.

I loved the smell of leather ......

Im gonna use it everyday ....I loved it  <3
that same day I watched this
i just have to say

sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013


Lana del rey

how can I explain my love for Lana ???? .... I remember that i really used to hate lana I thought her voice was horrible and she was kind of eccentrict . but one day I decided to hear one of her songs ¨Born to die ¨ .... I mean when everybody is talking about something you really atart paying attention to that thing right ?? ...well I payed attention to this  song  and her soft romantic voice . and I fell in love with her . the lyrics were so deep and had a beautiful message.  that you need to live your life beacuse we were all born to die  sometimes people doesnt realize this and live their own lifes wondering arround waiting for something or someone (I used to be one of these people ).
 theres so many things I like about lana .
 her unique fashion style , her beautiful face and  her incredible romantic voice etc.etc. etc.etc

this was a photoshoot by vogue italia

I'm your national anthem
God, you're so handsome
Take me to the Hamptons
Bugatti Veyron.....

(Red, white, blue's in the skies,
Summer's in the air and baby,
Heaven's in your eyes....)

Um, do you think you'll buy me,
Lots of diamonds?.....


"I have to admit it but her songs touch the bottom of my heart and remind me of all the beautiful things  in life "
" i consider myself to be a hopeless romatic ".......


Sweater - H&M
jeans - American Apparel  

xoxo FER

viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013

Classy trampy girls ???

I recently watched this controversial short film  created by the louis vuitton house directed by James Lima  ... and I wondered  how could people be so bothered by some litte female nudity ?? maybe its the fact that  people think making a film that eludes to  high class call girls who wear expensive clothes cant be tasteful or fashionable . personally I thought it was beautiful and very tasteful. some familiar faces in this would be Cara Delevigne who   I personally think  has quite an  intriguing face (those eyebrows ..I mean WOW) or Isabeli  Fontana (brazilian beauty) , also those really short bob  hairdos were made by Guido PAlau one of the top hair  stylists in fashion ....

heres the link to the video