jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

RSVP to the FASHION PARADE by Elsa Benitez

 SO last night I  got all dressed up ( I even wore my DIOR shoes ) to  get to the  fashion parade event .... held up at A really  nice  night club  here in mexico city  called RAGGA   ... the event was   filled with  glamour  ...  huge  celling to floor  screens proyected .. each  runway LOOK  that was illuminated by  flashes   ..  

(mexican top model she  has modeled  with Dolce & Gabbana , Oscar de la renta , Valentino  .Victoria´s secret) etc......

 the fashion show ...


 with my bffs  enjoying  the   event  ... lots an lots of glamour  I can assure you




martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010


Everytime I here this song makes me feel in FASHION HEAVEN !!!(if theres really one lol) the chicness when you hear this song ....you feel ok !!! nothing can go wrong youre just a
glamour-hunter you can perfectly picture the shiny runway where models do their thing and flatter themselves watching FASHIONISTAS faces amaze !!! this song itself is
auditive elegance
no wonder Chanel´s HAUTE COUTURE fall 2008 show was opened
with this song

JADORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

ARCOS BOSQUES & NOBU (arcos towers Shopping mall )

 I absolutely  love  this place ...... Not so big but no sooo small  This elegant  mall called  ARCOS  Bosques  with a few selection of  stores such as  Marc Jacobs , PINK , Salvatore  Ferragamo , A/X  etc ...  also has Movie theatres  a variation of restaurants from argentinian to japanese  ... and sadly one of the most elitist  night clubs  here in Mexico city  called  HYDE....

 Sooooo .. yesterday  I went  to  NOBU   we did a reservation (even though  there was a few people
when we arrived) And  before I noticed  All of the  staff members including the chef  Nobuyuki Matsuhisa 
are making you a reverence  it makes you feel VIP (even though I am a vip LOL)

heres a picutre of  NOBU

and if you  ever go to NOBU  I really  dont recommend  ordering Nigiri sushi  because its overpriced 
6 dolars  the  piece ...  but  in general  it was delightful   (it is one of a few restaurants in Mexico City with Michelin stars ) no wonder  why  its Carrie Bradshaws favorite place to dinner !!!!!


lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010


ANDY WARHOL ...  and fashion .. vintage is the tendency right now .. and  to  BE HONEST   20´s  50´s sixties  and eighties are all back and mixed up  to create the new (but old )  fashion  tendency ... starting from Marc Jacobs for instance .. WITH his particular GRUNGE  iconic style that will be portrayed  season after season ...  to predict the NEW  you gotta look into the past . and thats why i was watching  Andy Warhol´s  Poor Little Rich Girl   film  where you can almost smell the sixties  allure .. I absolutely love it


and even though OP ART  IS THE NEW POP ART  I still love my Cambells  t-shirt

xoxoxoxo Luis Fer

SHOPPING !!!!! and more Europe shopping ...

WELL speaking of  Saks Fifth   today  I visited the store .. to discover  that  they still had sales  in the store
Its amazing how affordable  it can get after  an additional  percentage  .... so heres the thing
see through shirts and  pieces in general  are still the tendency ... so  I decided to buy this Givenchy  shirt it is a really  strange fabric .  but J´ADORE  IT ...

SOOOO .. DIESEL .. what do you guys think about diesel .. because when it comes to quality   some diesel stuff  can be really sketchy  ... but when I saw this calfskin messenger blue bag  .. in some  sale in Galeries Lafayette  in downtown PARIS  I absolutely loved it ( because i seriously think you have to have instant love at first sight before you buy something ).
and yes thats a poster of FAMOUS JON KORTAJARENA
on my door .. xoxoxoxo
luis fer 

viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010


WELL as you might know ......or not .. Saks Fifth Ave.  opened  the first store outside  USA  here in mexico city  about 4 years ago   and  I personally love it .. even though they dont have a large variety of the mens department .. (its mostly ladies )  today I bought this architecture  magazine  Where they explain the new  proyect in Polanco  ( area located in mex city)  called Plaza Carso 

new location of  museo soumaya

which SLIM (the world´s richest man  (forbes mag ) ) is OWNER   will include a theatre ,
2 museums , a luxury hotel  2 or 3 .30 store office towers  2 apartment towers and  a shopping MALL  with a second Saks fifth ave.  !!! yeay  once again mexico city  is turning into a world
fashion capital ..

almost done with it

ps. one of the  museums is gonna be the new location of SOUMAYA  (which by the way Soumaya the director and art curator of  soumaya museum  is SLIM´s
granddaughter .. OMG  lovely grandpa is building her a whole new  museum sooo sweet !!!!).

but anyway  new museum is  boosting  world renowned artists as Van Gogh, Cezanne , Monet ,spanish  paintor El GrecoMIRÓ Degas.....  and mexican paintor            Diego Rivera ...etc

we EXPECT  the opening  by early 2011 ..


Lady Gaga ... IM SOOO PISSED OFF bla bla bla bla

Im soooooo pissed off .... recently they anounced  2 days of  Lady G ´s fame monster WORLD tour  here in mexico city !! Guadalajara  and   Mexico City  Banamex (mexican bank) opened  a pre sell of the tickets at 12:01 am of the day  all of the front row seats were  bought ..WTF  !! I mean 1 min after they got out ????

the official  day  came and  I get up  early in the morning to get to freaking  ticketmaster(company)  and what a horrible surprise I get .. Lady G totally  sold out !!!!!!!!!  they said  tickets sold out in 30 min ?? FOR A CONCERT THATS NOT UNTIL  MAY  5 2011??? wee know everybody loves her .. but  I want my freaking ticket !!! damn it !!!!!

PS. guees ILL be looking  foward to meet the people that sells them  at outrageous prices !!!


jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2010

martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010


Well   these freaking days  had been  cloudy as shit ..... here in Mexico city .. which  is not bad  for me  (actually I love rainny days make me feel in london ) ..so I decided to make an inventory  about  the summer shopping I did  in  Europe ... so first   I first  saw this  Prada wallet mens-clutch  in HARRODS  it was  140 pounds (english currency) I loved it !!!!!!!!!!  but i had one more stop  in Europe and that was MILAN and I thought  it is an Italian label sooooo maybe  its cheaper  there  .... well
after visiting the first PRADA  store in the whole world
1910  MILAN 
heres a picture  ....

I came to the conclusion that  this mens-clutch
was 170 euros sooooooo...  same price as in HARRODS
so  COUP  DE FOUDRE" (love at first sight ) 
 as I read once  in  Ives Saint Laurent  biography

xoxoxoxo Luis Fer

jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010


Im new at this ... and the only thing that comes to my mind is ... Rendez vous .. the morning meeting  that we  used to have  every single morning at my little private highschool  In Boston .  I remember  how my  french teacher   told us. never to be late at morning meeting or actually. (rendez- vous) as she  said  .. so rendez vous Is the word that comes to my mind when Im about to meet new people .....

heres a picture of me  in front of the Eiffel tower
                                                                        rendez-vous  ..remember( You gotta make a tribute to the title)

so  when  I think of  fashion  I think of a beautiful  way to express  ourselves ... and  many other words fill  my mind  ..  Glamour , joie de vivre , reaction , first impressions , Love , hate , caprice (I just google "capricho" spanish  in english and thats what I got LOL)   ETC....