lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

200 years OF style !!!! el Palacio de Hierro ( The Iron Palace)


once upon a time ...... there was a man named  V. Gassier  who had a little store called ¨The France Factories ¨  In the constantly growing mexico city  that selled  ribbons,  laces and other imported  goods  from PARIS ......  that eventually  made partners of business  with other 3 brilliant men Jose Tron ,Jose Leautaud and Alexander Reynaud ... To  DREAM about what other men  had dreamed In PARIS . LONDON ,NEW YORK and CHICAGO a new concept called  department store ... thats  when  in the mid  1880´s  they decide to build a huge building   in todays very downtown  Mexico City  ... it  was so big for the time  that burgesy  people  that passed by  watched curiosly  and  ask themselves .........................whats that  IRON PALACE  theyre building ?  and thats when  in 1891they opened the  very waited  IRON PALACE ...  A 6  store building  that selled from luxury  goods to furniture  ....that sadly  burned  down in  1914 BUT ohhhh noooo   the  story s not  over  yet .... with  big efforts  . partners in business hired a french architect  PAUL DUBOIS   that builded the new  architectonic jewel with ART DECO  and ART NOUVEAU details  and the  esquisite  Stained glass  ceiling  of the store.....

1900´s  propaganda

el palacio de hierro first store downtown Mexico City

David Gandy for  El Palacio de HIerro

  Carmen Dell' Orefice for El Palacio de Hierro
heres a beautiful and inspiring ad

Jon  Kortajarena
 2010 s/s campaign  for  ¨El Palacio De Hierro¨
El Palacio de Hierro (the iron palace)     store  in Monterrey

SOOOOOO yesterday I visited the first  store   to take a look  at the temporary exposition
¨200 years of fashion ¨ by  EL PALACIO DE HIERRO 

and I loved it....

xoxo FER

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  1. No he ido a ver la exposicion con los vestidos , todavía estará??

    pd: ayyyy como quisiera un forever 21 para comprarme un collar de Buhito!!

    saludos y besos!

  2. ah mira vos que interesante! te contaste toda la historia del palacio de hierro jejeje me gustó la forma en la que esta redctado jeje