domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

¨La Doña ¨true beauty (fashion) ICON


Diva  ...... and so called  Maneater  her  Arrogance and Pride was either loved or hated  her  biggest  sadness in life was  losing her only son  ... (he died of Aids )                   Maria Felix born in Sonora (mexican  state) this woman  was crowned  as the winner of the beauty pageant  in her original small city ....driven her to the MOVIES

Scene form ¨LA DIABLA¨ ( The Devil as a woman)

after marring one of the richest men from  the high society  of the time ..... and later  divorced ... starred
in the big screen  MARIA  played many roles that  ironically discribed her ....
Ambicious , Frivolous, Intelligent , Heartless, Cynical , and a Whore ....

Lover of  Diego Rivera  ,  Frida Kahlo and  Picasso ..... intimate friend of  DALÍ
and writers such as Sartre , Colette , Salvador Novo  and  JEAN COCTEAU......

married ¨4 ¨ times....... 

insatiable Jewelry  collector

INSPIRATION  to a recent  CARTIER collection..... due to her bizzarre  special  orders to the french house

Cartier¨ Maria Felix ¨ necklace

and  Inspiration in recent fashion photoshoots for ¨  mag

even  FASHION DESIGNERS found inspiration from  her

first women awarded  by france with THE  French Foreign Legion medal .....
Lived (88 YEARS ) DIED THE 8TH of april (curiosly same day as her birthday )



 fer .

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of La Doña, but her taste at that time was so good! Love the Cartier Necklace!!

  2. Ella era todo un personaje en México y un Icono Mundial!!!! Guapísima y sobretodo con muchas actitud!!!
    Buen post!

  3. Que cosa... precioso post, me encanta ver caras mas familiares...
    precioso blog te sigo un gran beso...