sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

Proyect College Runway !!!

Since I entered  college education ... lots of things had happen !!! some of them hard some of them good !! but  deff things that had made me grow !! as a person and of course as a profesionist !!

I realized that  there was Chic style everywhere I looked around .... most of it  street style but also elegant daily wear  from classmates and people that surrounded me .... thats why I decided to create this post !!! that will be updated almost everyday ..to let other people know  how fierce can Mexicans be !!! ... IT is Time to let the world Know  that people in  Mexico are just regular  FAshionistas  !!!  babysteps Darling ...but  everything  will be allright ...

xoxoxoxoxo LUIS  FER

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  1. Really Nice photos!

    I'll wait you on my blog!