lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013

 Goyard french house

some days ago I received a present .... it was this little card holder that was beautifully packaged in this brown box that had a silver logo that said  GOYARD . I mean I  know goyard  enough  to know that it is the latest trend in hand bags here in mexico city I remember the first time I saw a goyard handbag, I thought that geometrical pattern was very elegant  it was the handbag of one of my classmates  I was so curious to know what label was that  .... so I cynically asked her (and i mean cynically because i find it rude to ask people the label of what theyre wearing ) but I had to know!!! beacause Id seen them  a lot ...... she told me its Goyard ... and I said WHAT ?? because i didnt understood her ...and she repeated ITS GOYARD !!. omg I really like it I said and she just smiled and saw me like if i were a  naive aspiring fashion designer that doesnt know the least of  fashion  ...(or at least thats how  I felt) ... maybe thats why when my mother told me that I recieved a present I jumped excitedly and told her WOW its goyard!!!!! did you know you dont find goyard items  in mexico ??? and she just told me I didnt, with a careless voice.

I loved the smell of leather ......

Im gonna use it everyday ....I loved it  <3
that same day I watched this
i just have to say

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