miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010



Since  I was  first aware of my  passion for fashion .... hotels had been  closed related  to  fashion .... my first thought Paris  Hilton  heiress  of the  Hilton hotel legacy  ..... well  I  recently   heard of the  .... Photoshoot  that  " CENTRO school "  ( fashion  , Photografy , and  Film school )   students .. recently did   at the  DISTRITO CAPITAL  HOTEL  ... well this amazing  building  is decorated with  a vintage  air that will make you feel  in a  60´s retro modern  movie .....  the students did a  chic job  .. taking pictures of improvised models  (centro students)

sooo chic !!!!

If youre planning  to  visit Mexico City some day I would  deff recomend you to Check in at this  hotel ... Now if youre  looking  for the typical   Mexican colonial charm  ... this is not the right choice for you !!! because it is located in the  modern santa fe district  30 min far from mexico city downtown ... but if you do Youll love it ...


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  1. I would like to go to Mexico, but the tickets for going are really expensive :(

  2. Hola luis Fer! me encanto tu blog! muchas felicidades =)