lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

current oral fixation ..



little did I know  that at my arrival at  Paris    I would  try something soooo sweet  soooo pleasantly  tasteful .... soooo delicious  sooo Yummm .....  Id read  about the  french macarons   in                       Vogue articles (the it mag )  but Id never had much intrest  in them   besides  theyre  not  very famous  here in mexico  ( wich makes them  more desirable )  .... its sooo funny  when you  talk to someone  and they  actually think   the macarons are the Italian Macaroni  you know Mac N cheese  and stuff ......
everytime I eat this  glamorous (and a little feminine  but who cares)  treat .

inspiring ad miss dior cherie end--------




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