domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010


Well yesterday I took a  little tour in Polanco ..
(you always  find something new or undiscovered in this city)
 and I saw this store  that caught my eye with a  gorgeous  electric blue  dress that  had  the most  incredible  drop way   (i have to  accept it) it looked a little as one  Valentino dress   from the spring summer collection  ... the collecton  with the neon dresses (you know )..... and the other one  remind me of some dress ...Blair Waldorf  in the gossip girl series would wear .. golden  baroque style and i was surprised to see the  name of the label     



I deff heard of this label before .. because of the IDM  (international designers mexico )
but i never put a lot of attention on it ...

when I looked around the autumn winter collection I was amazed I fell in love with almost everything
then the lady of the store entered the room and took a beautifly  garement bag  that nicely said lola de ale....
and  gave it to another  very stylish lady ... that carried a louis vuitton  and  wore oversized sunglasses  ... and had very blonde hair ... I couldnt  help it to say  this is soooo chic  by accident

and well ....

kinda hot isnt he  ?

Alejandro Carlin the creative mind behind  LOLA DE ALEJANDRO   studied in the famous Istituto Marangoni ...... campus  Milan (that I had visited  and loved it)


Luis Fer


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  1. I like his designs and yes he is kind of hot!

  2. Me encanta este diseñador, le he seguido la pista desde hace mucho, jeje y si que esta guapísimo!!

  3. Me ha encantado el vestido negro largo...

    Un saludo! :)
    Gracias por visitar mi blog.