lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

NEW Stores in Mexico city


Salvatore Ferragamo .....  recently opened  a New strore At Masaryk street the   upscale Polanco district   ....  250 sq m. of  Italian elegance Designed by the  famous Mexican Arquitect  Legorreta ... the store is the first  of its type  in all Latin America .


some Days ago  I visited Saks Fifth Ave . Santa fe   to  spy  on  the  almost opened  chanel  store  with the  store inside a store concept ....Arquitect  Peter Marino  chanel´s favorite for designing  stores
such as the recently opened  in New  York´s  SOHO ....... the store  in santa fe  district planned to be opened  tomorrow   will be the second  one   in Mex city  making the  one at  Masaryk  st. (opened many years ago)  the first one ...   


 years ago  a diesel store was opened  in  Masaryk  ave ...... a small but  very complete store.
well   the  corporation   recently  decided  to  relocate  the store  ... the plan is to make it bigger with  cooler interior designing  ... just like the one opened  this year in brazil ....  the store will also be In Masaryk Ave.
some friends  already visited the place   covered with proaganda  of their latest collection.




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  1. Que buenas fotos!!! si estan abriendo muchas tiendas nuevas y buenas en México!!Ya me di la vuelta por Chanel y Ferragamo ;)