jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

ARCOS BOSQUES & NOBU (arcos towers Shopping mall )

 I absolutely  love  this place ...... Not so big but no sooo small  This elegant  mall called  ARCOS  Bosques  with a few selection of  stores such as  Marc Jacobs , PINK , Salvatore  Ferragamo , A/X  etc ...  also has Movie theatres  a variation of restaurants from argentinian to japanese  ... and sadly one of the most elitist  night clubs  here in Mexico city  called  HYDE....

 Sooooo .. yesterday  I went  to  NOBU   we did a reservation (even though  there was a few people
when we arrived) And  before I noticed  All of the  staff members including the chef  Nobuyuki Matsuhisa 
are making you a reverence  it makes you feel VIP (even though I am a vip LOL)

heres a picutre of  NOBU

and if you  ever go to NOBU  I really  dont recommend  ordering Nigiri sushi  because its overpriced 
6 dolars  the  piece ...  but  in general  it was delightful   (it is one of a few restaurants in Mexico City with Michelin stars ) no wonder  why  its Carrie Bradshaws favorite place to dinner !!!!!


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  1. Ala que sitio tan bonito!!!!! Yo tambien quiero ;) encima ese buen trato, asi da gusto!

    Sii sigo a moda capital, es una chica fantastica, y si, tambien punxitax me recomendo, es un sol de niña :D