viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010


WELL as you might know ......or not .. Saks Fifth Ave.  opened  the first store outside  USA  here in mexico city  about 4 years ago   and  I personally love it .. even though they dont have a large variety of the mens department .. (its mostly ladies )  today I bought this architecture  magazine  Where they explain the new  proyect in Polanco  ( area located in mex city)  called Plaza Carso 

new location of  museo soumaya

which SLIM (the world´s richest man  (forbes mag ) ) is OWNER   will include a theatre ,
2 museums , a luxury hotel  2 or 3 .30 store office towers  2 apartment towers and  a shopping MALL  with a second Saks fifth ave.  !!! yeay  once again mexico city  is turning into a world
fashion capital ..

almost done with it

ps. one of the  museums is gonna be the new location of SOUMAYA  (which by the way Soumaya the director and art curator of  soumaya museum  is SLIM´s
granddaughter .. OMG  lovely grandpa is building her a whole new  museum sooo sweet !!!!).

but anyway  new museum is  boosting  world renowned artists as Van Gogh, Cezanne , Monet ,spanish  paintor El GrecoMIRÓ Degas.....  and mexican paintor            Diego Rivera ...etc

we EXPECT  the opening  by early 2011 ..


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  1. No sabia de esta noticia!!Ya he visto la constucción en Polanco!!!
    Respecto a tu pregunta: Fui a la pasarela de Etre porque ellos me contactaron y me invitaron...

    saludos y besos!