martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010


Well   these freaking days  had been  cloudy as shit ..... here in Mexico city .. which  is not bad  for me  (actually I love rainny days make me feel in london ) I decided to make an inventory  about  the summer shopping I did  in  Europe ... so first   I first  saw this  Prada wallet mens-clutch  in HARRODS  it was  140 pounds (english currency) I loved it !!!!!!!!!!  but i had one more stop  in Europe and that was MILAN and I thought  it is an Italian label sooooo maybe  its cheaper  there  .... well
after visiting the first PRADA  store in the whole world
1910  MILAN 
heres a picture  ....

I came to the conclusion that  this mens-clutch
was 170 euros sooooooo...  same price as in HARRODS
so  COUP  DE FOUDRE" (love at first sight ) 
 as I read once  in  Ives Saint Laurent  biography

xoxoxoxo Luis Fer

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  1. moda capital !!! gracias !!!! me anime a postear por ti !! amo tu blog