viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Lady Gaga ... IM SOOO PISSED OFF bla bla bla bla

Im soooooo pissed off .... recently they anounced  2 days of  Lady G ´s fame monster WORLD tour  here in mexico city !! Guadalajara  and   Mexico City  Banamex (mexican bank) opened  a pre sell of the tickets at 12:01 am of the day  all of the front row seats were  bought ..WTF  !! I mean 1 min after they got out ????

the official  day  came and  I get up  early in the morning to get to freaking  ticketmaster(company)  and what a horrible surprise I get .. Lady G totally  sold out !!!!!!!!!  they said  tickets sold out in 30 min ?? FOR A CONCERT THATS NOT UNTIL  MAY  5 2011??? wee know everybody loves her .. but  I want my freaking ticket !!! damn it !!!!!

PS. guees ILL be looking  foward to meet the people that sells them  at outrageous prices !!!


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